In order to step into an “ideal world”, we should look back at the current globalization trend. By focusing only on products, services and people, globalization tends to overlook the threats such as climate change or pandemic which lead to health and economic crisis. Dr. Suwit Mesinsee proposes a solution that involves major transitions under the concept “7 shifts to change the world”.

1. Shifting from Free Market Model to Co-Creative Model. This means opening an opportunity for every sector to take part in the production and creation of innovation. Turn away from the concept of advantage development to inclusive innovation in order to expand the market to include the underprivileged.

2. Our world used to be driven by the competitive mode of production & consumption through the private investment model. The Making & Selling concept has led to production competition and wellbeing of the few. Today, the world is entering the collaborative mode of production & consumption through open collaborative platforms. And it is now driven by the Caring & Sharing concept to create wellbeing for the mass.

3. We must adjust our way of thinking into thriving in balance. The focus on economic growth is shifting into the following 4 dimensions: building economic wealth, social wellbeing, environmental sustainability and human dignity and wisdom. Those will be based on the beliefs of “Good2Growth” and “Growth2Good”.

4. Changing from building an ecology that nurtures people for growth which unnecessarily overburdens workers to an ecology that nurtures growth for people. That will help change organisational images to truly become “being good, being well”.

5. We have lived with an economic life that believes in “more is more” which leads to “impoverished behind wealth”. Today we must change our live into a balanced life. Having strong mental and physical health while changing our mindset into “the more we give, the more we get”. That will lead us to “wealth based on sufficiency”.

6. Before, we were stuck in the trap of Linear Economy where resources are made to manufacture products by value chain to make profits. We must shift to Circular Economy which reuses waste and limited resources. Its focuses are on saving imported factors, production efficiency and maximum product benefits.

7. In the past, human have been living under the Exploitation of the Commons concept whose sole purpose was internalizing the goods and externalizing the bads while focusing only on the benefits for their next generations. However, in post-Covid 19 world, we must turn to revive, heal and protect public benefits (Remedy of the Commons) because people are no longer divided into members of an organisation or a country but as citizens of the world. Reviving the world into a better place is thus an important responsibility of every one of us.  


Edit : Noppakorn Khonvai