Creative Thailand Magazine Year 3 Issue 9

30 may 2012 | Read 1496


The Scores

The charmed of football  - fired by the repeating noisy exaltations to celebrate their victory as well as the disappointed and stressed faces on the loser side, has never faded.

Football doesn’t depend only on the amazing skills of 11 players or the sharp sense of coaching staffs to direct the games tactics. It's also a business game worth billions which gain the attention of players and audiences.

There is no way to make players show their top performance without strict controlled nutrition, wearing shoes which don't fit, use sportswear which turn to be a sweaty wet burden, kick a heavy, uncontrollable ball or miss technical and management skills to play. They also need mentally support by a good relationship with the visitors located in the stadium as well as the audience thousands of miles away which is connected by satellite broadcasting system.

The commitment, loyalty and pleasure, all these aspects lead to the glamorous event called football. The exclusive live broadcasts, sportswear, equipment, advertisement sponsors, football business agencies and also the travel tours give enough reason why football is the most valuable high-end business. It turned out to be a profit promising "brand product”. On the other side does football represent the cultural roots of every country.

The Forbes Magazine reported about the results of the passed football season of various countries in last May. It reported that Manchester United could raise to be the richest football club with a value of 2.24 billion US-Dollar even without winning any trophy this year. They even topped the major league baseball team New York Yankees in the NLFC followed by the Royal Madrid with a value of 1.88 billion US Dollar, which has increased around 29 percent. Barcelona stays at 1.31 billion with a gain of 34 percent.

The attraction of the Manchester United Club also influences the stock market in Singapore and Hong Kong. Each city opens the club the opportunity to register themselves to their stock market. The managers want to be the first ones to release the shares to the public with 25-30 percent in hope to raise the value to be 3.19 billion US-Dollars.

The management of the business profits and the extraordinary talents of the player as well as the enthusiasm of the football fans are all parts, which have to stick to each other tightly in order to force a positive movement and create a spiritual atmosphere and sports abilities as important requirements. However, the human is always great. Not only that we gain benefit of the capability of the human body by sports. We're also creating benefits of spinning an innovative game over and over.

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